Book a table at The Haymakers

We are not taking table bookings online at the moment.

We will only take bookings for large parties or if you have special requirements. You can email the managers at to discuss, or call the pub on 01223 318077 during opening hours.

Why are we not taking bookings online?

We have to take a deposit when you book online, otherwise all the available tables could be booked by people who would then not show up. The deposit is supposed to be used towards your bill when you pay, but this step was often being missed (between customers not asking to use the deposit, and staff not realising that a booked table was being paid for) and we would end up still holding deposits after the day of the booking. We then have to spend time working out what happened, and contacting customers to issue refunds.

We don't just issue refunds automatically, because when we tried that we would often be contacted by people saying "actually we did use the deposit, can we give it back to you somehow?" and we would all end up being very confused!