Individual Pubs Ltd

What changed on Monday 19th July?

We've decided not to change anything for now, in order to protect our staff. Please continue to sit outside when possible, wear a mask while moving around indoors, and order at your table rather than at the bar.

The reason for this is that our staff are mostly young and not yet fully vaccinated. If any of them caught COVID it's likely we would have to close the pub for at least 10 days.

Our pubs all sell beers from Milton Brewerysee their website for beer descriptions.

Registered in England number 4315642. Registered office: Pegasus House, Pembroke Avenue, Waterbeach, Cambridge CB25 9PY. VAT registration number 783 9983 50.

To contact us, email

All of our pubs accept cash and card payments.

The point of sale system we use is free software. It is available on GitHub.