The Haymakers, Cambridge

So it’s taken a bit to get organised, but we’re going to be doing weekend(ish) takeaway via Click and Collect!!

The current restrictions are: Alcohol is only permitted for takeaway if it has been pre-ordered via internet or phone etc, and you may not enter the premises in order to collect it. So, we’ve installed "stable" type doors around the back in order to have an outdoor serving hatch.

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday, order your food and drink here, choose the time you want to collect, and pay by card.

Orders will open each day at 9am, and we'll be serving between 4 and 9pm. We strongly encourage pre-ordering.

Beer and cider is available in 2 and 4 pint sealed containers. If you would like to bring your own container for us to fill, please mention this in the comments/special requests box.

Simply come around the back at your chosen time and collect your grub! Easy!

Please don't arrive any earlier than your collection time, as we would like to avoid any queuing and it is not possible to sit indoors and wait for your order to be prepared. Once collected you must move off the premises. You may not sit in our garden and have your takeaway.

To help us coordinate, if you genuinely can't get online you can text your order to 07872 065 988 with your name, order, what time you want to collect, and contact info. If you choose to text, please try and do so at least half an hour before you want to collect as this gives us time to contact you if there are any issues.

Please be aware this mobile number is NOT MONITORED outside of opening hours.