The White Lion sells beers from Milton Brewery and other British microbreweries. Beers that are currently in the cellar or on sale are shown here:

Since we opened in October 2008, we've sold beers from Abbeydale, Acorn, All Day Brewing, Animal Brewing, Arbor Ales, Bank's and Taylor, Banks and Taylor, Beartown, Beer Rocks, Beeston, Black Country Ales, Blackfriars, Black Iris, Bollington, Boudicca Brewing Co., Brampton, Brentwood, Brew Company, Brewshed, Brewsters, Broughton, B&T, Buffy's, Buntingford, Burton Bridge, Calvors, Cambridge Moonshine, Castle Rock, Chalk Hill Brewery, Clarks, Cliff Quay, Colchester Brewery, Cornish Crown, Cross Bay, Crouch Vale, Dancing Duck, Dancing Men, Dark Star, Dawkins, Derby Brewery, Dorset Brewery, Dukeries, Earl Soham, Elephant School, Elgoods, Elgoods , Elmtree, Empire Brewing, Exit 33, Fellows Brewery, Five Points, Flipside, Fox, Gemstone Ales, Goacher's, Goffs, Golden Triangle, Grafton Brewery, Grain, Grainstore, Great Heck, Great Oakley, Green Jack, Green Tye, Hart, Harwich Town, Hereford, Heritage Ales, Hilltop, Hoggleys, Humpty Dumpty, Iceni, Isle of Purbeck, Jarrow, JoC's Norfolk Ale, Kelham Island, Leatherbritches, Lincoln Green, Liverpool Organic, Lymestone, Magpie Brewery, Mauldons, Milestone, Milk Street, Milton, Mitchells, Moongazer, Moonshine, Navigation, Naylor's, Nelson Brewery, Nethergate, NHB, North Cotswold, Northumberland, North Yorkshire Brewery, Nottingham, Oakham Ales, OakLeaf, OakLeak, Old Bear, Old Cannon, Oldershaw, Ossett, Otter Brewery, Panther Brewery, Partners, Phipps, Portobello, Potbelly, Pot Belly, Potton, Ramsbury, Red Brewery, Redemption, Red Rat, Redscar, Red Scar, Ringwood, Saltaire, Shakespeare Brewing Co., Shortts Farm, Sky's Edge, Slaters, Slightly Foxed, Sonnet 43, Son Of Sids, S&P, Spectrum, Spitting Feathers, Springhead, Staithes, Stamps, Star Brewery, Stockport Brewing, Tap House, Three Blind Mice, Three Brothers, Tipples Brewery, Titanic, Tring, Tryst, Tydd Steam, Ufford, Vale, Vale of Glamorgan, Wantsum, Warwickshire, Wellbeck Abbey, Wentworth, West Berkshire, White Horse, White Park, White Rose, Winter's, Wissey Valley, Woodforde's, XT Brewery, Yeovil brewery.


At the moment we have these ciders in stock:


We sell lager from Taddington Brewery in the Peak District.




We sell these wines:

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