Usual opening hours

Normal opening hours are 12pm–11pm every day. Our licence allows us to open later (to 12am Monday–Thursday and to 1am Friday and Saturday); we may keep the pub open after 11 if it's busy.

Please note that the enclosed area outside the door on the Amhurst Road side of the pub may only be used up to 11pm; in order to keep the noise down for our neighbours it must be cleared at 11. Similarly, please keep the noise down if you stand outside any of the other doors after 11!

Booking tables

We don't take bookings for single tables. If you're planning to bring a large group to the pub and would like some space set aside, please call us on 020 8986 8597 or email


Pizza is served 5pm–10pm Monday and Tuesday, midday to 10pm Wednesday, midday to 11pm Thursday–Saturday, and 4pm–10pm on Sunday. Other dishes are served 5pm–9pm Monday and Tuesday and midday–9pm on other days. The menu is available online. We do not normally take bookings for tables, but if you are planning on turning up with a large party (more than around 30 people) the chef might appreciate some advance notice; call him on 020 8986 8605.

Beer festivals

The Pembury holds two beer festivals every year, usually in July and November. At these festivals we sell a larger selection of real ales and ciders than normal; there are usually around 45 different beers available over five days, with 25 on sale at any time. We tend to feature several beers from each brewery, concentrating on a few breweries per festival, rather than ordering a single beer from many breweries; we prefer this because you can get a better feel for the style of each brewery.


At the moment our licence does not allow us to play music in the pub. We applied to vary the licence to permit this, but were not successful.


This is an adult-friendly pub. Children under 14 must leave the premises by 8pm. Children between the ages of 14 and 16 are permitted to stay on the premises as long as they are accompanied at all times by an adult. Please bear in mind the effect that your children may have on the other customers around you, especially their noise. As with any disruptive behaviour, you may be asked to leave if you are disturbing other customers.

Dogs, cats, ferrets, birds and snakes

We allow pets in the pub as long as they are well-behaved and supervised by their owners at all times. Please don't let them wander off on their own!

Wireless internet access

Wireless internet access is available in the pub. You don't need a password.

Facebook group

There's a Pembury Tavern Regulars group on Facebook.


Follow @PemburyTavern

Contacting us

You can email us at

Paying us

We accept cash and cards (but not American Express). There is no minimum value for card transactions, and on debit cards you can have up to £50 cashback. We don't accept Bitcoin any more.


Loading is permitted outside the pub on Amhurst Road between 10am and 2pm. If you need to deliver after 2pm you will have to use the loading bay further up Amhurst Road towards Hackney Central. We are unable to accept deliveries before 10am.

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