Cambridge & District CAMRA Pub of the Year 2012

We've just been told that we are the Cambridge & District CAMRA Pub of the Year for 2012. We'll be receiving the award officially on 23rd April.


You can now use vouchers from PingaPint at the Devonshire.

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There's been more news since April 2010, but it's mostly been posted in our Facebook group and on Twitter. Follow the links to join us there!

Monday 19th April 2010

The kitchen is open!

Saturday 30th January 2010

Hedgepig launched their fourth album, "Over The Forth", at the Devonshire. Video.

Friday 22nd January 2010

We opened! Only two minutes late, and with a queue at the door.

Newspaper stories:

Hello facebook! (Stephen Early) is allowed to claim business pages for these pubs.