Coalheavers Arms

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Spring Beer Festival 2009

Our Spring beer festival was a great success with over 44 firkins sold over the 5 days, which is roughly 3000 pints. Saturday was the busiest day in the pubs history with over 1150 pints of real ale alone sold. Having the last Posh home game didn't hurt of course! The fastest selling beer was the ever popular (and landlord's favourite) Nottingham EPA.

The burgers proved as popular as ever with just under 30kg of homemade beef'n'beer burgers being sold over the festival. Daine and family took over the bbq on Sunday with home-cooked jamaican jerked chicken, pork and some fab cakes.

On the Saturday we had some fantastic live music from Steel Union playing steel guitar, harmonica and some great delta blues. Sunday saw the Les Woods band playing a mix of folk and blues — very highly recommended. Penny from the band certainly helped us with our sales of Oakham Attila!

So to sum up we had lovely weather, lovely volunteers, lovely beer, lovely food, lovely customers and a blummin lovely beer festival — thanks to all who helped make it a great success.

-- Tom

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